Ethics and Compliance and Action

It’s been a long time since I posted anything here, mostly because I’ve been busy with work (which is a good thing!), and a little bit because not that much has changed in what makes compliance & ethics (C&E) effective. I know for marketing purposes I should be repurposing and restating, and I haven’t.

Today I’m writing about something that isn’t strictly C&E, although it is about the E. Emotions are running high about the election, and on my Facebook feed, I’ve seen article after article after article analyzing why and how and whom to blame or credit. I’m past that now.

I don’t think everyone who voted for Trump (#imwithher) is racist or misogynistic or homophobic or uneducated or backwards or whatever other deplorable adjective people are using. I am one of those people who took him literally and seriously who is also afraid of the other people who took him literally and seriously and are launching attacks on everyone who doesn’t look like them whom they fear or resent.

So this is where I am: I don’t care right now who your candidate was or why. I don’t care why the election turned out the way it did. Because there are children afraid to go to school and adults afraid to leave the house, and many of them don’t even feel safe there.

It turns out political correctness did us a disservice because it drove the worst of our human impulses underground where it festered and seethed. I’m grateful to President Trump that all of it is in the sunshine now where we can see it and protect against it.

The Constitution guarantees basic freedoms for everyone, regardless of whether they believe what you believe or value what you value. Regardless of whom you voted for, as a human being, at this moment in history, we have an ethical duty, if we support the Constitution of the United States, to fight against the people who are spray painting swastikas, who are calling blacks “niggers” and telling them to go home, who are ripping hijabs off women’s heads and telling them to hang themselves with them, who are grabbing women in parking lots by the crotch and asking “are you happy now, you liberal cunt,” who are chanting “build the wall, build the wall” in elementary schools, and who believe that Trump’s victory means that their view that making America great again means making it supremely white again through whatever means necessary is the majority view.

In the decades since I first watched Star Wars and read The Diary of Anne Frank, I have wondered whether I would be brave enough to be Luke or Han or Leia or Miep. It grieves me that we all have the opportunity to find out.

I don’t care whom you voted for or whether you voted. Right now, we have to fight the tyranny that’s happening locally. We have a gift in the transparency of the hatred and fear bubbling out of the ground everywhere. It’s time to gird our loins and fight, not as far away as Washington, but in our own backyards. I really hope I’m not alone in this fight.

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